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Exceptional Sun-kissed Cannabis

Grown by the best master grovers is Canada. We spotlight the grower so there’s full transparency on where each strain is coming from. Check out our current strains below.


5 x 0.5g

17 – 24%


Using the gift of Mother Nature to cultivate cannabis.

Providing premium outdoor cannabis flower products from one of the largest cannabis farms in Canada.


What does getting gladstone
mean to you?

Mastering a skill takes time. For generations, growers have utilized the unique climate to improve the quality of sun-kissed organic outdoor cannabis, which has remained clean, natural and honest over the decades.

By using the gift of Mother Nature to cultivate cannabis, we can see how natural water, rich soil, unique temperatures, and the protecting mountains have created such a beautiful environment for the plant to thrive. This ecosystem and its genuine offering are meant to inspire and accompany you through your journey.

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